New year new support!

Host3 are on a mission this year to bring you even more of the biggest and best! To start we've completely redesigned our support system, so what does this mean for you?

New dedicated support interface
Designed to do one thing amazingly well, support! Simply send us a ticket through our Support link, completely mobile, iPad and iPhone friendly for easy access on the go, no login required.

Quicker response times
You were impressed before, now we've taken it to a new level. We'll save you the nerdy internal tech speech, all it means for you is quicker replies and resolutions to any problem you might run into.

Live Chat
Easy fixes can now be done over our new live chat system and if we can't fix it there and then we'll even log the ticket for you so no further effort is required, and for you potential customers reading this go ahead and click that button and we'll happily answer any pre-sales questions for you.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!