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Restarting your Ghost Blog

A common question asked by our hosting clients is how to restart your Ghost blog on our cPanel servers. As Ghost is still a very young blogging platform using node.js some of the more simple tasks like theme installations and updates often require a restart, so let's get into it.

When ghost is setup by ourselves or through our One-Click install script avaliable on our hosting packages it creates a cron job. The cron job is used to trigger to start up the ghost installation if for reason the blog is offline. So what we want to do is

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Ghost Updated to 0.4.1

Ghost Maintenance 0.4.1 released on the 30th January 2014 is now avaliable for all clients through the cPanel control panel, existing Ghost installs will receive a notification update once logged in. Clients located on our blogging only platform will be updated shortly.

Ghost Tip: Did you know you can use ctrl+s (Windows) or command+s (Mac) to save or update your blog post in the editor view?

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Ghost Blog One-Click Install

Effective immediately! We are happy to announce today our Ghost Blog One-Click installer now available as part of our UK Web Hosting plans.

Ghost is an Open Source blogging platform designed to do one thing incredibly well, blogging!

Where can I find it?

Part of our expanding selection of One-Click scripts, blogs and software, Ghost can be found on the main display in your cPanel control panel, just look for the Ghost icon or find it under Softaculous.

Stay tuned to our blog for some helpful tips and tricks to running and using Ghost on our Web Hosting plans.

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Help! I need website maintenance

So you've got your web site designed by someone else but Host3, it's ok we forgive you! But now you need text changes, new images and you've moved address, don't settle for silly yearly fees and crazy hourly charges just for routine and basic updates for your website, take a look at our maintenance package.

For £14.95 a month we'll transfer your existing website over to us, host it on our incredibly fast UK based servers, set up emails, edit, delete and add text, change, remove and even brush up images without no contract, we'll even come see you

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I ain't afraid of no Ghost

Introducing a new addition to the Host3 line-up part of our commitment to providing the latest and greatest in exciting products and services.

Ghost is a new and exciting piece of blog software that we think it's going to be huge, it's powering this blog right now! We're very excited to be bringing it to existing and future UK clients. You can find the Ghost auto installer located in your cPanel control panel ready for action today. Further more we'd like to extend an invitation to potential and existing customers if you'd like us to install and manage it for

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One click installs - Softaculous

We've always offered one click installs with our hosting packages, it's the easiest and quickest way to install anything from blogs, galleries and even help desks in a click of the mouse, we know you love it so why not more of the same? Starting today we're rolling out Softaculous, it's got all your favourites and most used scripts from across the internet as well as new and upcoming scripts. Coming to your hosting control panel right now, lookout for the icon and happy exploring.

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